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PSA: Easy Roam is a free add-on (no monthly charge) but is NOT enabled by default if you just switched for the $60 10GB BYOD offer

We happily switched from Telus recently for the deal that everyone's been crazy for, and the night after we signed up (at the mall, calling in was impossible) the Koodo web site was so busy that I could just barely get it to add on our visual voicemail and international long distance saver options. We roam into the USA often, and the mall kiosk guy had promised us that Easy Roam would be enabled by default. I specifically asked "do I need to log in and add anything?" and he said "No." So I didn't keep fighting with the busy/broken site to check my add-ons a third time, and figured everything would be okay.
Well, we just got our bill, and guess what? No Easy Roam. We got billed for every megabyte of several recent trips to the USA.
So, um, yeah, just trying to save anyone else the trouble. If you want Easy Roam you need to log in to the web site, go to manage your add-ons, and click "Details" under Easy Roam and enable it manually. Then you get billed a mere $7/day in the USA (max $70 monthly) instead of the crazy-per-megabyte bill we're looking at. I just enabled it on both our phones.
I'm gonna try and call in and see if they'll take pity on us...

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I don't believe Telus enables it by default either. Or any carrier that I know of.
Oh I know Telus doesn't, I asked because I wanted to know and now of course I wish I had just been distrusting enough to stay up and check...but just enabling the other two add-ons on our two phones took me dozens and dozens of attempts because the site was under such strain (lots of 500s and back end errors and plain old timeouts). Lesson learned.