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Procedure to avoid text/calls charges during day; Wifi at night?

Going to be on vacation in Mexico. I need to bring my phone so I can skype my girlfriend there. On a regular TAB50 plan, I get charged for receiving/sending texts when I am in Mexico to Canada. 1. Is there a standard procedure I should do when I am on vacation to avoid extra charges? (e.g. Turn airplane mode during day, then turn off airplane mode during night and use WiFi to Skype.) 2. But when I turn it on, would the text come in and I get charged anyways? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Any reason not looking at roaming add ons for Mexico? http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling
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Hello Sayo. I understand your problem but it is easily solvable. You can use wifi while on airplane mode and it will still work! Go ahead and try it. Also, you could remove the SIM card and then, no more charges! PS : make sure data roaming is off! General settings > Celluar > Data Roaming Off
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Robert wrote:

Hello Sayo. I understand your problem but it is easily solvable. You can use wifi while on air...

Also, remember, you can't receive SMS texts while on WiFi. When you switch back to cellular connectivity you will receive accumulated texts still in your queue. If you need to review your texts, Cameron Jones' suggestion is a great option.
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You said you just want to Skype. Pull the SIM card and go for it. You've just turned your phone into a tablet. Email will also work anywhere Skype will. I bet when you put the SIM card back in when you get home, you will be surprised at the number of texts/missed calls that would have cost you $$$$. Wouldn't spend big money on a plan till I knew exactly what the Mexican facilities are. Many advertised "free internet access" resolves to a computer room with a single 1990's Win95 machine running in Spanish.... You can pull your SIM or text Koodo for a roaming package pretty much anytime.