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How much can the iPhone 5s sell for and how much is the 6s

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Hey Bazinet, Are you wondering about the black market price for the iPhone 5S? I would check on your local Kijiji for base price. In terms of the 6S, I would first log in to your self serve and check your Koodo Tab Balance and click "phones" Tab to the available Tab for you.
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Here's the link for the 6s from Koodo: https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/iphone-6s
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Unlocked iPhone 5s going for $250 in Toronto. Unless you got the phone for $0 upfront on a tab medium and got the unlock code from Koodo for $50, you'll likely be selling the phone at quite the loss...unless you're selling it in a much smaller town/city where there are fewer sellers (but there'll also be fewer buyers).
If you no longer have any use for the phone and it's still in good condition, then sell it. If you plan on selling it and it's still carrier-locked, get the unlock code from carrier (if it's from Koodo, get the code from Koodo).
If it's in poor condition (cracked screen, etc.), hold on to it for a trade-in promo. If it's in poor condition and it's carrier locked, don't bother unlocking it.
If you still have use for it (backup phone, have a friend or family member who needs a phone), then hold on to it and give it or lend it to a family member or friend.