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Prepaid plan to Koodo monthly plan

Hello, how to switch prepaid plan to Koodo monthly plan?

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Just go to Koodo and sign up for a new account and port over your Koodo prepaid number. It's like porting in from a different carrier. Also, you can go online and apply for postpaid service, you'll need a new sim as the prepaid sims are only good for prepaid. Koodo will run a credit check and send you a new sim card. Just pop the new sim into your phone and off you go. 

If you go in-store don't forget bring proper ID for the credit check.

If you're keeping your number you can set everything up right online. Just keep your prepaid service active so you can port the number over to the new sim. You can still use the same phone too!

Switching in either direction is like moving to a completely different company. The SIMS won't work, you will lose whatever investment you have in minutes, tab, etc. Your self-serve become historical and you have to re-register all over again. So best to do it when you've just about exhausted your account. 
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Robert wrote:


Just go to Koodo and sign up for a new account and port over your Koodo prepaid number. It'...

I know of at least one case where Koodo sent an email to a current pre-paid subscriber with an incentive to switch to monthly. They were offering to transfer any outstanding prepaid account credit to the monthly account, but all the minute and data boosters would of course vanish. It was expiring at the end of March.

Before signing anything, I would check with the boutique to see if this was just a selective offer or if it's available to everyone. In any event, the account balance might be minimal, and it might be more worthwhile to burn through your remaining minutes and data first before making the switch like Robert suggested.