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Prepaid Base Plan - Unable to send out text

Got a prepaid card with $15 base plan which is supposed to include unlimited messaging.  I can only receive messages but not able to send out.  

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SMSC # for Koodo/Telus/Public Mobile is +16475800172.

This set of instructions is for stock Android, your phone manufacturer may have altered the setup if you don't have stock Android.

  1. Go to your dialler
  2. Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  3. Go to Phone Information
  4. Scroll down to SMSC
  5. Enter +16475800172
  6. Hit Update
That SMSC number is for TELUS/Koodo and since Public Mobile runs on the TELUS number that should do it. Try it and let us know if that works.

Ref: http://productioncommunity.publicmobile.ca/t5/Phones-Hardware/Data-Not-Working/td-p/26963
Mine is an iphone 5.  :( 
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  1. Enter *#5005*7672#
  2. Press Call
  1. You will then see:
  2. Settings interrogation succeeded
  • Service center address
  • The current SMSC number will then show
    1. To change the Message Center Number:  
    2. Enter **5005*7672*+16475800172# (for Koodo)
    • Press Call You will get the same message but if you then check again you will find the new number
    This should work for your iOS 5 & iOS 6 on Koodo.
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