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Pre-authorized payments not coming out on a set day.

Okay so I'm getting quite annoyed with my pre-authorized payments. When I originally got my phone my bill payments were always taken out on the 16th of each month, but over the last 3 months it has started taking out earlier and earlier and on random days. I'm a student so I have to plan meticulously when and where my money goes and this is completely screwing me up. It takes money out of my account when I don't have money in it, so then not only do I have to pay the bill but I get an overdraft fee from my bank! Can someone please tell me how to fix this and get the pre-authorized payments to come out on one specific day?

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Hey Brooke, I would cancel preauthorized immediately and either pay by Internet or telephone banking. That way you control when payment is made and how much payment you want to make. Personally, I never allow anyone access to my account through preauthorized payment.
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Yeah, I had the same issue with my credit card on Telus. One time my card got maxed out, Telus tried to take a payment and it failed, then I had late charges on my next bill. I got rid of pre authorized after that.
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Look at your pdf ebill. Koodo now takes your pre-auth about 15 days after your bill date and not on your due date. This change happened a few months ago and was mentioned on your ebill the month before