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Positive Tab Balance - New iPhone 6

I have accumulated a positive tab balance of $150. I'm currently on the old 6gb -$60/plan with a Small Tab and looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6. I have a couple of questions: 1) Am I able to outright purchase the iPhone 6, keep my current plan use the $150 positive balance against that purchase price ($775). 2) If not, can I upgrade to a tab medium plan, use the $150 positive tab balance without utilizing the $300 tab they are offering for tab medium plans. 3) If I have to change my plan and use the $300 tab and use the $150 positive tab balance, am I agreeing to any short or long term commitment to Koodo? ie. What is my liability if I leave Koodo after 3 months? Thanks appreciate any insight.

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First of all, never let go your plan. You won't get that great deal anymore from anywhere. So if you have a positive tab balance of $150, you can use it towards the iPhone 6. They have a promo (Save an extra $100 on Tab M) on the iPhone 6 now. Your $60 plan qualify for Tab M( $30 or over) Put $300 on the Tab M. You pay $375 -$150(your positive tab) = $225 upfront. You just need to add $5/mo tab fee = $60 (plan)+ $5(tab) = $65/month If you decided to leave Koodo, you just need to pay off your tab and overage charges(if any)
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Your best option is to go on the Tab M! Over the 2 years, you'll pay $120 in tab charges however you save $150 on the phone PLUS the extra 'free' $100 off when you use the Tab M so you save $250 for the cost of $120 ($5 billed per month over 2 years) so you have a net savings of $130