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Positive tab and buying a 0$ phone

I have a positive tab on my old phone and I wanted to upgrade to a 0$ phone... the 0$ phone (iphone SE) has a monthly tab of 15$/ mo for 24 months, does this mean I can put my current positive tab towards paying for this new tab? 
Thanks for the help!

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If you have a positive tab and put it towards the $0 phone It would pay off part of the phone and basically make tour monthly payments towards your tab cheaper each month. So you'd take the price of the phone outright and apply your positive tab amount to the price and what's left over you'd devide by 24 months and come out with how much your tab payment each month would be.
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There is no such thing as a $0 phone.  You are paying for it one way or another.  This will help explain the tab