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Porting Number from Bell

I just got my new Koodo phone. I am trying to port my number from Bell. First, I have to set up self-serve. Then I need to go to the "port my number page". Sounds simple.

But when I go to set up self-server, it ask for my Kodoo number, and I don't have one yet. I've tried the number I am porting from, and I've tried the "Delivery Number" on the top of the packing slip (boy, that's not obvious if that's what it's supposed to be - it should be referenced in the Moving over your existing number blurb).

How do I set up my phone? It seems very catch-22.

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With your Koodo SIM Card in the phone go to settings and then about phone and it will show your Koodo phone number.
Hmm - with the sim card in, it says no service. I popped it out and back in - looks like it's seated perfectly.....

I just did a restart of the phone after checking the sim card again - still no service, and no phone number listed in About.
I also reset the network settings (via instructions found https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201415)
The phone wasn't properly set up with Koodo - an hour on hold, and then 20 minutes with a nice agent, and it's all good.