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Port failed from another provider, got the wrong number, HELP

I sent my father to Best Buy to port his number over from Fido to Koodo.  The rep at Best Buy made an error and requested the wrong phone number, off by one digit.  The system recognized the error and requested the right number, but for some reason the port failed and the agent says the number is stuck in "limbo".  They have been on hold for hours trying to get to Koodo via the back end.

Agent says only way to fix this is to get a hold of Koodo but their wait times are insane right now with this promotion.

[b]UPDATE:  He was at the store for 5 hours waiting, then the store closed.  He has to come back tomorrow.  I believe the BB agent cancelled the account they opened so now he doesn't have any service anywhere.

What now?

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Back to Best Buy tomorrow.
I have similar issue. Tried to port a number from PC Mobile to Koodo, port failed. After that I do not get any service on my PC Mobile number and it appears "Inactive" in PC Mobile account. I got myself a temp number assigned to my SIM. Not sure how to proceed with this tomorrow...