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Poor texting and call-in performance on my new iphone se

I have been having problems with my new iPhone se since purchasing it. I can not text out of certain locations in my home even though my wife has no problems texting with her iPhone 6. Also incoming calls go right to my voice mail with first alerting me with a ringtone. I do not feel like paying my bill when I am not receiving the adequate performance.

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Well you're still on the hook for your bill. If it's a service issue you could get credit. Now that's out of the way, try swapping sim cards between your phone and your wife's and see if the problem follows or not. Does this only happen at home or elsewhere outside of your house?
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It's not your SIM card it's the se it has poor antenna I have swapped mine 2 times and even switched SIM cards went back to 4s with no issues on calls and messages it even works in basement which the se had a hard time