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Poor service in NS with new Iphone 5s

Poor service with new Iphone 5s...goes from one bar to no service. I have travelled through a large part of NS and NB and have only seen full service twice and that was fleeting. I can be standing beside someone with same phone through Bell who has 3 bars...not very happy as I gave to be on standby for work and this is very unreliable...Any thoughts?

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Hi Tracey, Koodo runs off of Telus which uses Bell towers, so you should get similar service where ever someone on Bell is. If you haven't tried it already, you can try restarting your phone to give it a quick reboot and it should help connect to the network a bit better. Hope that helps 🙂
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Try Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings You may want to bring it to an Apple store so see if there is something else wrong with it