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Please fix your self serve system! Option to "change Phones" or activate new sim card does not currently exist!

Current Koodo customer switching from an old samsung to iphone 7. I ordered it online and I am trying to set it up but the "self serve" web page appears to be broken. There is no option to change phones or activate a sim card.  I've checked the community questions and the "answers" show links which do not appear.  On the "101 on Koodo Sim cards page" the link that says "activate your sim card now" loads up one page for a split second before it automatically navigates to the Self Serve Overview page, which contains only 3 unrelated links. I tried calling but was on hold for entirely too long and I'm also not going to pay $10 because the website is broken.  I can't go to a store easily because there isn't one in my town.  Please fix or show me another way to activate online! Chat, email, text or tin cans with string through them!

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If you're a current user just pop your sim card in your new phone. Is it not a nanosim or a tri cut one? You can have it stamped to size if you're comfortable with that. If no then you currently need to call 611 or send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter due to recent fraud it's been disabled to do it yourself. You won't get charged.
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The ability to swap sim cards online has been temporarily disabled due to a spike in fraudulent activity. Currently the only way to change the sim card registered on your account is to contact koodo, either by phone or via facebook messenger. Because the online function is disabled the fee will be waived.
Timo Tuokkola wrote:

The ability to swap sim cards online has been temporarily disabled due to a spike in fraudulent a...

^^ this guy!
Finally got through on the phone and was informed that this feature is intentionally not available anymore.  That would have been great to know a couple hours ago...  For anyone activating a new sim card, ignore the other responses on here and save yourself a headache.  You have to call and there is no charge to activate a new sim card.