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Plan, usage, phone on vacation

My phone is set to go on vacation on November 30 - I checked my account and I purchased the 200 minute plan but when I checked to see usage it said I was subscribed to 147 minute plan. How did that happen? If I want to change my plan this month by adding a 100 extra minutes - it says I cannot do that because my phone is set to be on hold at the end of this month. Also if I decide to change the phone on vacation date to Dec. 27th....can I make that change online later when I decide? Thanks Anne Evanoff

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Hi Anne, There is no plan with 147 minutes. I think your best bet is to call customer service and straighten out the mistake, they will be the only ones able to make the changes. Have a great day.
Thanks will do!
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Usage may reflect pro-rated minutes since you were already scheduled to pull the plug. Only one change per billing cycle is free under self-serve if I am not mistaken. Had similar result with a US carrier when I bought a plan half-way into their billing month. Best bet for any cancellation or modification is to wait till the last possible moment to execute.