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plan start date is earlier than the date I bought the simcard

I'm new to Canada, I bought a Koodo simcard with and iphone 5c on it. I bought it Sept.1 but now when I go to my self serve account I see that it says my bill cycle is from Aug.11 to Sep. 10. 
I even hadn't canadian simcard till sep1. is this means that i have pay for a complete month today?

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Did you get your first PDF bill yet?

That is just the bniloing cycle.  It will be pro-rated from Sept 1-10

This link may help
well not yet. maybe tonight. 
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Mohammad Ghasemi wrote:

well not yet. maybe tonight. 

You will pay the portion of your bill for the time you had the phone as Dennis has said. As for your first bill, it will come a couple days after your billing cycle ends.