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Plan Renewal Date Confusion?

I started paying my $15 base plan on the 15th and I'm on a monthly renewal plan, now I'm getting text messages telling me I have to pay by the 10th?

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Hey Carmen,

You can dial *611 from your Koodo phone to confirm the expiry date of your Base Plan via the automated system. This way you will make sure your Base Plan is renewed before its expiry so that you can keep your boosters.

Hope this helps! 
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Prepaid plans are on a 30 day cycle, so that the renewal date creeps backwards a day after a 31-day month, such as July or August. I started on the 6th of June, so my next renewal is due on the 4th of September, as verified by self-serve. If you use a debit card or on-line banking, the processing takes a bit of extra time, so you may be getting a target date a few days sooner on the reminder texts.

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so you don't get needlessly upset over the way some of these text notices are handled.