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Pictures say 'Not Delivered' when connected to Wifi, yet people still see them?

I have the unlimited text and picture messaging prepaid plan. When I send pictures it always says not delivered and I'll get a text saying message failure, however all of the photos actually go through so I'm really confused why this keeps happening. This phone was just set up from scratch so everything is default. Any tips for making this go away?

These are iMessages that are sending as I realize my plan only supports SMS pictures when I'm not near a connection, but I'm connected to Wifi while sending them so this doesn't make sense.

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For iMessages you need an internet connection. When your connected on Wifi, you have one if you are not on Wifi, you will need to use Data to send those iMessages
I understand that as I've essentially stated that above. It still doesn't explain why when I'm connected to the internet my iMessage picture messages are coming up as Not Delivered pretty much every time, even though they are still sending. 😞
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Hey Mark! I did some searching on Apple's website and came along this thread https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6069046?tstart=0 that talks about the issue that you're having.  iPhone users said that they resolved the issue by going into Settings->General->Reset->Reset network settings. Just an FYI this will clear your Wi-Fi passwords so make sure to log back in to you Wi-Fi networks once this has been done.  Keep us posted!
Thanks. This solved the issue.