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Phone wrecked

My iphone 4s which was on a contract fell from my apt and is toatly wrecked. I jusy had 4 more months left on contract. Where do i go from here

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You can buy another phone on Tab. You just have to payoff your remaining tab first
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Or you can buy a phone elsewhere that's compatible with Koodo's networkffrequencies and that's unlocked and bring it to Koodo's service. If you dotthis then when you reach $0 owing on your tab you can choose to take the 10% SIM Only discount and get 10% off the price of your plan each and every month. Keepiin mind if that's your choice then your tab will not accumulate any positive value for as long as you have the 10% discount. If your looking to get another iPhone you might want to wait until the New iPhone 6 and 6+ are released in a few days as prices should drop on older models at that time.
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What's wrecked, the screen? If it's only the screen you can probably get it fixed but it won't be cheap.