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Phone replacement

Hi I have an iphone 4 8g with a 3 year plan.. My phone recently fell, the screen is damaged and the lock button does not function very well. What can I do to change the phone or get the iphone 5 instead and how much should that cost? Thank you.

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Well, the new phone will cost quite a bit. Apple can fix the screen for you, it's about $30 if it's just cracked. I thought three year plans were gone for quite some time. Maybe even 3 year. Which means you could use their TAB and pick a new plan if you want. Just go to a koodo store and they will tell you what options you have. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/tab.shtml
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Well the good thing Sarah is that there are no longer 3 year plans. So here are some options: You could buy a used phone (unlocked or locked to koodo/telus) and use that until your tab is cleared then buy a new phone. Or You could pay off your tab now and get a new phone right away. As for PRICE (once tab is cleared) It will cost 275 for an iphone 5s on tab M. (requires plan over $30) And 525 on Tab S For the 5c, 125 on tab M, 350 on tab S
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You can go to your local Koodo kiosk and there you can pay off what you owe still on your tab (amount owing on the old phone) and then choose a new tab and get the phone you want. You have various tab options with the new small, medium and large tabs, and each will take a different amount off of the initialpprice of the new phone. I recommend going with a medium Tab which will take $300 off the initial price of the phone at the point of purchase. It requires a plan of $30 or more and will have a $5 per month to charge to help pay off the tab as well as Koodo will pay off a piece of your tab at a rate of 15% of your bill each month. There will also be a 2 year guarantee that your device will be paid off in full by the 2 year mark even if you haven't paid it off all yet from the monthly contributions from you and Koodo which is always a great thing. Visit your local kiosk and they will explain everyooption you have further