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phone not activated after registering

Phone didnt get activated once I have completed the steps here on your website. An employee at Koodo mobile has explained to me that at my receipt there are 2 pin number that will act as vouchers. I have added them but after 10-15 min nothing happens. What is going on, can someone explain to me please?  
P.S. BTW, please do fix your website its a bit messy and add FAQ instead of making people go trough the whole conversation of other people in order to find what he/she is looking for.

Thank you.


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Hello Georgi.

Are you on prepaid or postpaid?
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By phone do you mean activating a prepaid sim card?
There may also be a potential that the prepaid activation system is having technical issues (unfortunately common for Koodo recently)
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Hey Georgi! Just to clarify, are you trying to activate your SIM card or are you trying to enter a voucher in your self-serve account to add funds to your account? 
Hey guys. Thank you for your replies. The problem was, that even when I've put the sim card it said "No Service". Ive checked my account and everything seemed fine. No problem with the transaction and activating the vouchers. Even though, that I've rebooted my phone twice and didnt work, when I went to a Koodo store and I was asked by the nice cashier, it worked after rebooting. I mean life is full of surprises. So, thank you guys for your help and replies. :)