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Phone got stolen and didn't pay my bill whilst on vacation my bill doubled?

So I was on Vacation when I had my phone bill, thats one thing, then I had my phone stolen! I automatically canceled my phone and there were no extra charges atleast thats what they told me. I got home went to pay my bill which is usually 118.93$ plus the late fee which was simply 2.36$ But then they added an extra charge which they didn't explain and now my phone bill is 270$ for 1 month. What is that?

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Did you get your phone on the tab when you bought it? When you cancel your account any outstanding tab balance is added to your last bill, so it's very possible that's what the extra amount is for. BTW sorry to hear that your phone got stolen. 
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The details of the charges are on the account statement accessible to you through self-serve. The fine details are usually a few pages in.

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Hi Spencer,

None of us here have access to your account here. All charges are explained on page 3 of your e-bill. Take a look there and it might clarify some things. However, did you completely cancel your account with Koodo? If you did, they would have added any owing tab balance. 
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Look at your bill, Spencer