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phone credit meaning

  • 3 September 2019
  • 4 replies

I’ve tried to search everywhere for more info on this.. I want to upgrade to the iPhone XR with $580 in phone credit on a 24 month tab. If I cancel my tab in a year or so, which I will need to do when I leave the country, I’m fully aware I’ll need to pay off the remaining tab balance. But what happens with the phone credit? The “nitty gritty” states that if the service is cancelled, any tab balance PLUS the phone credit balance becomes due and payable and the remaining tab and phone credit balance will be calculated based on an equal monthly reduction over the 24 month period. Is anyone able to shed some more light on how this works? Thanks!

4 replies

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Well, I thought it was clear. You divide the phone credit /24 months. If you cancel before 24 months, you will have to pay phone credit/24* remaining months

So in your case, you have to pay $580/24*12 = $290 on top of the remaining tab balance.
Thanks.. appreciate the “thought it was clear”.. obviously it wasn’t to me 🙂
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Thanks.. appreciate the “thought it was clear”.. obviously it wasn’t to me :)
How do you write to make it easier for you? You could suggest here. Koodo might change the text if it created some confusion.
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They have to change it anyway. They have to clearly show how much the Tab and phone credit are reduced per month.