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Phone call I did not make

Yesterday, my iPhone shows that I got a missed spam call (246-260-0803) at 2:33am and outgoing call to the same number at 8:53am for 14minutes. But I was sleeping that time so did not make that call. Now i’m charged over $30 extra because of long distance call. Would Koodo overlook it and having me not pay that extra $30?

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That's something you'd have to contact Koodo and ask. Is there anyone else around that could've had access to your phone to call the number? As well are you sure that's what the charge is for? Koodo only charges $1/min for a call to the Barbados (246 area code) so that should only be $14 charge if anything.
Yes, I checked my usuage through self serve. It was exactly $37.50 and there is no one else around. Thank you for reply.
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The outgoing call charge will be a tough dispute, unless you can prove your iPhone could make automatic calls on itself.

Like Alan mentioned, you would have to call Koodo to dispute, or send message to the facebook.