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Phantom calls from my phone

I've had a couple weird experiences in the last week with my iphone 4s. The first happened when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize and when I answered they asked me why I had called them. I definitely didn't call them. I even checked my call history and it doesn't show that I called anyone at that number. The second event happened today, same thing except the person texted me asking why I had called them. same thing, I hadn't called and no history of any calls. the extra weird thing is these calls are coming from similar numbers to mine (i.e. first 3 digits - not just the area code- are the same as my number). Has anyone experienced this before? it's really weird.

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Yes, it happened to us a few times. Both ways, when the person claimed we called them and other times we got a call and when we called back they said they never did. I don't think it's a phone issue. I think it's some bot or company masking/hijacking numbers for some reason, although I haven't connected the dots yet how they benefit. For now I wouldn't worry about it.
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I had someone call me and tell me I called them and I didn't I stayed on the line and he began to talk about how I hit his car and that he wants my insurance number and this and that It was sevearly weird
that's weird... does koodo do anything to protect its network and customers??
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Telemarketers spoof local numbers because people are more likely to answer than if the call comes from Nigeria. It takes no effort at all to fool the call display system and people need to stop relying on it as if it's an infallible system.