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Payment Not showing

Hi, i just pay'ed my bill using CIBC online banking. I typed in the correct account and everything and the transaction shows completed on the bank site. However, it still shows that i owe money to koodo. How long does it take to show that the payment has been made or is there something i need to do. thank you

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It takes 3-5 business days for the payment to process through online banking. Credit card payments are the only payments that are processed right away.
thank you very much!
Yes, unfortunately online payments through your bank take around 5 days to process. As Ahmad mentioned you can make a credit card payment, which posts to your account right away. Another option you can use is the pre-authorized payments that you can set up on self-serve. With this option you can choose to pay by credit card or through your bank account. These transactions post to your account on your due date each month. Take care.