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Paying off over time while reducing my plan

I have an extension on my $275 phone bill due in a few days. I was wondering if there was someway I could stop my plan immeadetly, pay that amount off over an extended amount of time and in the mean time start a more affordable plan (I am currently on the 88 a month but want to go to 68) I can't afford to end this plan right now for I am waiting on important calls regarding jobs and housing. Thankyou

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You'd have to pay off your tab to end your service. Then you could choose a cheaper plan. Or you can switch to a hold for up to 6 Months but that's really just for travellers. And your phone wouldn't get calls during that time. I'm assuming by extension that you've mean you've made a payment arrangement with Koodo.
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You'll have to call customer service to make payment arrangements and can talk about your situation. Dial *611 from your Koodo Mobile device orDial 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636). Hours of operation (Eastern Standard Time): Monday − Friday: 9am - 9pm Saturday: 9am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 7pm If you want to switch plans your best to do it yourself through self serve online as you will be charged for customer service to make a plan change