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Pay off tab upfront

I have an I phone 4 with no tab. I intend to upgrade my phone to a new I phone 6. If I pay all the new tab upfront (for ex. $21 x 24 with taxes), can I just pay the monthly charge as per my existing plan?

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No, in order to receive the Tab Plus which gives up to $504 off ($21/month added), you need to switch to a Tab Plus plan. If you want to keep your existing plan, you can only get the iPhone on a regular Tab ($360 off, ,$15/month tab charge added)
If theo pham signed up with Tab plus and paid off the tab plus balance up front, couldn't the monthly plan be switched down to a regular Tab plan after given one rate plan change per month? Or something?
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Why not buy the phone from Apple and a new SIM from Koodo, then switch SIMS in self-serve? The phone will come unlocked (worth an extra $50 on resale), and you can continue your current plan or choose any other anywhere?