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Paid for more data, doesn’t work, Koodo not available

I’m having an issue with SoundCloud which is unrelated but meant I needed extra data for this 16 hour long drive. I went ahead and paid 20 bucks for an extra gigabyte, and I paid 5 bucks for 300mbs. I got two separate texts saying my data was on, and yet, it very much so is not. I'm travelling a long distance by myself in the winter. I need data to be able to update everyone easily so they know where I am and when to get concerned. When I go to call them I just get a message for large call volume and then it hangs up. Any ideas? 😞

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Does web surfing work? Have you restarted your phone?
Yeah as an update, made it to my destination safely and data still isn't on. I tried restarting, I tried leaving my data turned off for a bit, tried leaving it on airplane mode for a bit, nadda. I should mention that I'm even in a new billing cycle now and it's still off (new cycle started on the 18th). At this point I think I'm just going to try and get a hold of koodo and ask to be reimbursed for the 25 dollars that didn't work.