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Overage charge

I have an unlocked iphone 6, $40 monthly plan w 1gb/500min SFD
My last bill has a $45 overage charge for airtime used while I was overseas.  Upon reviewing the details on page 3 of my bill, I noticed 12min and 1min of airtime was used to call myself!  I obviously would not call myself nor try checking my voicemail while overseas, let alone for 12min!   
I kept my phone on airplane mode except when I had to gain access to wifi by obtaining a verification code via sms.  I did not receive any extra charges from incoming text messages.
The other overage airtime charge I have on my bill is from calling my credit card company for an emergency situation, so I understand those charges. 
Whether I deny or possibly pocket dialed myself, can you not help relieve me of the overage airtime charges that came from dialing my own number? The total relief im asking for (as per my pdf bill) is $19.50

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Billing disputes must be settled by speaking with a rep. You can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter and explain your situation and you might be able to get it reversed but there are of course no guarantees.
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When the number can't be determined of the caller it shows your number. So, it doesn't mean you called yourself Chris. Also, there are no charges for incoming text, even when overseas and roaming. 
Thanks Bernard. Thanks Goran for showing me another way other than a dead end:) Most appreciated.