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Over payment due to Koodo message saying payment declined

I went to pay my Koodo bill online with my VISA (I am a monthly user) for my iPhone. I tried 4 times and it kept saying the card was declined or the payment was not approved... I called my bank and they said that 4 payments had been accepted and to contact Koodo so they only accept one payment not all 4. Please advise. I don't have 4x the amount of money I should be paying because the system had a glitch. I also don't want that much credited to my account as "overpayment". Thanks.

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If the payment didn't go through you won't be charged by Koodo. Is your billing address the same on your credit card then the one on your account?
Same billing address, and according to my bank the payment went through or is limbo of some sort (maybe went through from a banking perspective but hasn't been accepted by Koodo yet?)
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Your bank will see four accepted "[b]temporary auth. payments". They'll drop within a week, max two weeks.
Koodo has a "safeguard" if you will, preventing its subscribers from overpaying their bill by over 20%. Customer service has defended this policy claiming it's to avoid fraud (YMMV, but to my knowledge, other carriers don't have this policy). Rest assured that Koodo won't take your money in order to pay your bill four times.
Ideally, billing address on the Koodo account "should" match the billing address on the credit card, YMMV, however this is not entirely necessary, mind you, that's not OP's issue.
Another option is to pay the Koodo bill via online banking (from a chequing account).
This just happened to me to and I even took a screens hot of the declined message. By the 3rd time I tired to pay my card was declined and I was like what? But yeah koodo currently has alot of my money
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Chris Michels wrote:

This just happened to me to and I even took a screens hot of the declined message. By the 3rd tim...

I think if you send a message to Koodo facebook right after the incident, they could somehow cancel the transaction early. Otherwise you could ask them to refund you.