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Over data, but didn't receive a notification?

  • 6 January 2013
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I've got the 30 double promo plan and I'm signed up to receive notifications when I get close to my data limit. I kept using my data, waiting for that text, and I never got it. But one day I got, "you're $10 over your data limit for this month". I've been on Koodo for a couple years now. I am a new iPhone user and as a result I've had issues managing my data, finding a plan that fits my usage etcetc. I've been going over and paying way more than I want to per month, but I thought it was finally sorted.. guess not!! I did triple check to see if I have notifications on, and I do. I don't have the Data Saver either. Why did I not get a notification and why should I pay the overage when I would not have gone over if I had gotten that text like I should've??

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5 replies

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When did you turn it on though?, Is it possible that you turned it on after you were already past the limit? Also the text is a courtesy thing it isn't something to competely trust, you really should always use the app or online self serve to make sure of data usage especially since like you said your not sure of things yet.
It depends on how fast your usage goes. You also have to keep in mind that while Koodo's system does track the data usage, it does it hourly. So if you use 500 MB in 1 hour, it won't send the notification that you are getting close. Regardless of whether you receive a notification or not, you are still required to pay the additional usage. You don't receive notifications about your airtime, does that mean you don't need to pay the additional usage on that if you go over? Nope. The data was used on your phone and you are responsible for any and all usage that happens but I'm sure you know this already.
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I suggest you get some data watching applications. Personally I like Onavo Extend and Onavo Count. The Count application counts and records all the data you have been using. It also tells you which application used "this much" and another used "this much". You can also adjust the settings so it fits your data plan, and put down warnings like "Warn me when I reach 75%" and "Block when it's 99%" or such. The Extend application sends the data to their servers like RIM and compresses the data that you use. Now I don't know if this is true but from many users, they are seeing a large amount of data being saved. It also tells you how much you have saved. According to records, the application can save up to 50% of your data usage. Although Koodo didn't send you a "notification", I am not sure if they are obligated to send you one. It is your responsibility to use your cell phone wisely and to keep in mind about those overages. Take this as a lesson.
I suggest you get some data watching applications. Personally I like Onavo Extend and Onavo Count...Does the Extend application just compress web traffic, or all traffic on the phone?
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iPhones actually accelerate data consumption versus any Android and even more so against a Blackberry since they use compressed data + smaller screens/mobile websites versus more full-sized ones. I am quite interested in that Onavo Extend app, is that an iOS exclusive or can I get it for Android too? Time to search...