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Ordered phone from Koodo website, waiting for shipping and tracking

  • 15 October 2016
  • 6 replies

I just ordered a phone off of the Koodo website and have not yet received my shipment and tracking email. Can someone please advise when i can expect to receive this?

6 replies

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Hi Amber, 

It might take a few days before you get the tracking information. If you ordered the iPhone 7 Plus, they will not be shipping until the end of November due to the low stock of it.
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Keep an eye on your junk folder or "social/promotions" folder if you have Gmail with those active!
Hi All, 

I contacted the webstore and they said on the 16th that the phone has left the warehouse, but I have still received no shipping or tracking information. I understand it may take a few days, I would just like to know about how much longer until I will likely receive this information. 
I am extremely upset. Immediately after submitting the previous response, I receive the shipping and tracking information. It turns out the item shipped on the 17th and has already been returned to the Mississauga address since the address was not confirmed, after I contacted the webstore saying I needed to modify the address (add my apartment # since it would not allow me to do so when ordering) I was told I would need the shipping information to do so. I could not contact Canada Post to do so since I didn't have any of the information for my shipment. This is ridiculously unprofessional and a waste of my time. 
yeah, i never got any information about tracking the package and am wondering why not... a little strange. 😕 i get tracking info for small items i buy out of country, let alone a cell phone. koodo loves to be cheap and confusing it seems. was expecting to pay $70 for phone but paid $220,because i can't keep my same grandfathered plan and get the "extra offer" , too bad they don't mention that till you're at the check out! -.-' stayed with my plan because in the long run,i still save money that way. america is a lot cheaper for phones, and plans!
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yeah, i never got any information about tracking the package and am wondering why not... a little...Once your phone has been shipped you will get an email with tracking info.