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Ordered new phone, came with new SIM Card: any reason not to just use my old one?

  • 10 January 2021
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Hello! I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S8 (purchased in April 2017 from Koodo) which used a nano-sized SIM Card. My new phone (iPhone 12 Pro) came with a “KOODO LTE TRIO SIM.” I want to use the same number.

Is there any reason to use the new SIM Card instead of the old one? In other words, is a ‘newer’ SIM Card ‘better’ in any appreciable way?

The one thing I am thinking is: since the iPhone 12 Pro is technically capable of 5G, would this new SIM Card be able to work with 5G whenever Koodo gets it? (I know it’s not clear when Koodo will get 5G.) My point is: if I am going to need to switch to this new SIM Card at some point in the future anyway (for any reason)... I might just do it now while I set up my new phone. 

Thanks for the help!

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There is no reason. The Sim card is included because logistically it is easier for Koodo to include it with all phones. Keep it as a spare or recycle it.