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I ordered a phone yesterday afternoon because mine was ruined a few days ago after going in the swimming pool with it! (Oops). Anyways, I'm anxiously awaiting for my order to be shipped as it currently still says "Ordering being reviewed/verified" so I am wondering when that might be done? It says that the team/staff will call me if they need to verify some information with me but seeing as I currently don't have a working phone and no land-line, I'm not sure how I will be reached since no one can call me. I still have my computer which has either email or skype on it but other than that I can't talk.

So I guess I just asked two questions - when it will be shipped and how they would confirm info (if needed) with me? (Order #: ********* (edit. we don't recommend making this type of info public) Thank you.


Juliana Flegel

Best answer by Robert T 25 June 2019, 23:39

Thanks for being so understanding. We need more people like you on here
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When? It's hard to know. The verification process might take some more time, but we never know exactly how much time. I'll flag the post to a rep so he can give you some more information about it
@Robert T Hi Robert. I ordered it around 4:30pm yesterday so it hasn't been that long - just feels like it because I use my phone for everything. Work, GPS, social, etc. Thank you for your reply and that would be awesome, thanks so much!
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It might take some more time then that. It's not Amazon you're dealing with and it's a problem a lot of people have complained about. At least, when a rep will come, you'll have more information about your order and might even get it shipped the fast way.
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If you just ordered yesterday, I would suggest you wait.

Are you a new customer or an existing one? If you are new, they might have to run a credit check on you. But if you are an existing customer and If the phone wasn't in backorder, it should be sent out soon.
@Robert T I know that. I'm not complaining at all. And sometimes Amazon is slow too - plus they always have issues with fraud. So I'm much happier to be dealing with Koodo. An honest Canadian company. I haven't had any issues since I've been with Koodo. Not like Virgin or Telus. Thanks again for flagging it to your reps attention. I understand things take time.

Some people think they're the only ones on the earth lol.
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Thanks for being so understanding. We need more people like you on here
@Robert T 🙂
@Dinh I know, I know. I'm like a kid on Christmas - all hyper and excited. Koodo has always been good to me. I've been with them for about two years I believe. ☺
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Hello there! You order has just been approved, you should have it within the next 3 to 5 business days 🙂 Let us know if you have questions or if there's anything else we can help with.
@Julia Koodo I just saw this - thank you very much! One of the many reasons why I'm with Koodo... Fast and reliable service with people that really care about their customers! Thanks again 😊