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Order clarification

Just curious. I ordered a new phone last night... it was the iphone 5 that came with the $150.gift. on my receipt it shows Prepaid visa cards as 50. Dont get me wrong.. anything free is great, just didnt know if there was 3 of them, or there is only a $50.gift. thanks 🙂

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Alyssa can you post a screenshot of the confirmation where it shows that? It should show 3x50 but my team may not have missed that. It is indeed $150 with a new line activation.

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Thanks! I see now....the Visa cards only come in certain denomination. The 'SKU'!name for our system only picks up the denomination which had to be 50 in order to make the 150 work (3x50). There maybe an opportunity about being clearer, so thanks for the heads up!
Thanks for the quick reply 🙂