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Ontario poor signal?

I moved to Alberta 16 months ago and signed up with Koodo. I was told it was an amazing provider out west. Now I'm just getting to Ontario and an experiencing extremely poor reception. Is this common? Because I'm an outdoors person who doesn't like Rogers, but I will go back with them in a heart beat if I continue to experience no signal 5 minutes outside any town. Currently I'm on the bus back to North Bay, Ontario. Most of the trip thus far has proved fruitless to reception. Including small towns. What's the point in owning a cell phone if you can't use it virtually anywhere, today?

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That shouldn't be the case. I'm using Telus myself and I've been all over the GTA, York Region, and Mississauga the past few weeks with no drops in reception/data. Have you tried General > Reset > Reset network settings and then try connecting again? Moving between broad areas can sometimes screw up the connection, so a refresh of that could help.
Thanks for the tip, but it did nothing. You we're also describing southern Ontario, and well that's an obvious given haha. I'm pretty sure being in northern Ontario, that I'm going to have to part ways with Koodo, because I know Rogers has impeccable reception when you're miles deep in the thickest bushes. The only thing which turned me off about Rogers, is that they're crooked, but I'm going to have to go for quality on this one, because again I like the ability to use what I'm paying for. Another thing however, is that I am on a tab contract which I'm pretty sure should have been completed by now. My iPhone 4 cost me $400 with a $300 down payment, and I'm still being charged the addition $10 per month.. Yet another question I could direction 😕
Oh I guess Koodo jacked my bill by $10 and started charging me for additional frees which they promised they didn't do. My plan was $65. Now it's $75 plus 911 and blah blah.. It comes up to $80.83. Not cool
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Koodo doesnot change plans. Would this happen to be your first bill? If so the extra charges are for proration. And nobody other than rogers/tbaytel has any significant coverage in Northern Ontario, since those two companies signed an exclusive deal to share towers. Everyone else is stuck building their own network from scratch.