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online phone bill

  • 7 January 2021
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so i paid my phone bill last month and to make sure i did i checked back on here and it says i did and they accepted the payment, so now my new phone bill came out and its saying its due on the 29th of december. so does it maybe mean the 29th of january? i have been having this issue for a while now and i have called them about it and they fixed it once and now its back to doing it again. so i dont know what the exact day is that i am due by. i am typically on time with payment but this month i am short and am getting some money from a family member to pay their part of the bill in 2 seperate times so so i need to know when my exact date deadline is for january!!!!

3 replies

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What is your bill date?

Can you login to self serve and check your transaction history?


What is my billing date?

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@kenzie1505 The bill that you just received is due close to the end of this month: