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On Vacation in Manila.

While on Vacation in Manila, I am receiving voicemails. I have no data plan and roaming is turned off. I can't access my mailbox while I am out of the country. Will I be subject to additional charges? I have an iPhone 4s which I had unlocked a few months ago, so it would work with my Koodo sim card. Initially, I had the iPhone activated through Rogers many years ago. My current plan is approx. $45.00/month and it has since been grandfathered (no longer available). 600min on calls is the only info. that I remember.

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As long as you don't use the phone there will be no charges, no matter how many voicemail sare left for you.
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You can access your voicemail from a regular land-line or VoIP phone by dialing your number and then hitting the star key.

Play it safe and remove the SIM card for the time being, making it impossible to incur any phone charges at all, while still maintaining wifi capability.