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OK to temporarily switch the SIM back to old phone?

My son bought a new phone but is waiting for the Otterbox to be delivered. He wants to know if it is OK to switch the SIM back to his old phone until the Otterbox arrives. Both are iphones and both with Koodo. It was an upgrade. Thanks

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Which iPhone did he have?
Erwin wrote:

Which iPhone did he have?

Old one was i5 new one i6
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It should be fine, iPhone used nanoSIM since iphone5 (5 years ago) and koodo SIM is normally tricut SIM, should fit all.
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Yes. You can switch your SIM between the two phones (given they both are unlocked or locked to Koodo/Telus), and that they use the same size SIM card.
Thank you
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Yes, no issue.