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Offer higher storage capacity iPhones, rather than the 16GB model?

  • 26 August 2014
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I know that you can simply buy an iPhone outright and then bring it to Koodo and get 10% off with the BYOD discount but why doesn't Koodo carry larger GB models of iPhones? This also goes with my question of why doesn't Koodo carry multiple colour models of phones? It seems like because of this, it can turn down some people from joining Koodo since other competitors have more colour options as well as more storage capacity options. Is it a TELUS thing? Or is Koodo just not able to get access to these phones?

4 replies

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I see no problem with this idea, customers should have multiple storage options for their devices especially when getting a phone that doesn't have expandable storage (Example : iPhones or Nexus devices).
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I think the 32gb version would sell well and I'm always up for more storage options. The 64gb might be a bit overkill for most users.
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I've always questioned this as well as the colour option limitations. I believe during the last Q&A session we had on here, the CEO said it's to keep costs lower for customers, which I think is a terrible excuse considering their main competition, Virgin and Fido, have usually carried the other colour options for phones and the higher GB models. Their plans aren't any worse than Koodo's so I don't get where all those savings are coming from. Probably going to Koodo and not customers.
I've always questioned this as well as the colour option limitations. I believe during the last Q...I'm pretty sure it's all about marketing and nothing else. Telus would like you to switch to them if you want more. Fido has all colours and memory sizes because Fido is a more full-service brand, they offer tablet and hotspot plans, wireless home phone, business accounts, live chat, free account changes over phone, etc etc etc and they have about 3.5 million customers which is more than all of Koodo, Virgin, Solo put together. Fido was also where the first Canadian iPhone launched in Canada (along with the Rogers brand) and the last thing they'd do is alienate their userbase by suddenly limiting selection. But you will notice that Fido also discourages certain sales too, for example they won't give you a Galaxy S5 on the Max plans (largest tab) if you're a new customer. Only for existing customers. If you want to join Fido, you have to take a Smart plan (medium tab) and pay $400 upfront. Guess what? Most people head to Rogers/Bell/Telus where they get the phone for $100. The average consumer cares more about upfront phone cost than their monthly plan cost, sadly.