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Number portability and connection issues

  • 18 December 2017
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I switched 2 phone lines from freedom mobile to koodo yesterday. 

The first number got successfully ported within an hour or so and is all good. The issue is with the second line. 

I am getting "No service" in the place of network(iPhone) on both the sims (freedom mobile and koodo), I am not getting cellular network on both the sim's and not been able to use my phone. The customer care is pathetic (at both) and very busy as I call. I have messaged (pm) in facebook (koodo) too but no response yet. Can someone look into this, I need my cellular connectivity and number, dont want to lose the number at any cost and need my phone connectivity.

The guy at kiosk said it will be done by today midnight, when I restarted the phone now, it says no service still and Ut2 message ( I have left the koodo sim in the phone). 

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

4 replies

Still awaiting reply, any admins/mods someone ? 
And yes the iphone is unlocked, just to answer to that question (I can provide you with all the details like imei, koodo sim number etc if that helps.) Please help me, the customer service is closed tried many times. 
Thanks for reply Timo, much appreciate 

However my problem is not yet resolved, I tried resetting the network but still get the no service ut3 (when calling from another phone), I called freedom and they said its already ported out, I am now without my cell connectivity on both sim, is there a way I can pm you my phone number and you can help pls ? Its kind of urgent. Thanks!
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Assuming that the iphone is indeed unlocked, reset the network settings and see if that gets it to connect.