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Not sure if iPhone is Telus or Koodo.

I am trying to sell my iPhone to get another phone (keeping koodo) problem is the other person wants it unlocked. I got this iPhone from Kijiji and I don't know if it's from Telus or Koodo, How can I find out? Thank you.

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Why do they want it unlocked? If they're planning to stay with Koodo or Telus there's no need to get it unlocked since it'll work on either network. If they insist on having it unlocked, you should increase the price since unlocking will be a minimum of 35$ from Koodo or usually around 100$ from 3rd-party unlocking websites. You might be able to call Koodo & give them the IMEI # so they can check. Otherwise, order an unlocked via Self Serve or go to a Koodo store.
Sorry I should have updated this I used a 3rd party service to confirm who it's with, And I'm happy with Koodo lol it's the buyer that wanted a different provider, and yea around 80-100 Euros from the sites I've seen. I understand service providers strive to keep customers but I feel phones should be unlocked the day they are done on the contract for no charge. I'm not sure if I'm aloud to link websites but if I am I will gladly link the website that allowed me to find out the provider. Thank you for the reply John.