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Not sure about the extra charge.

My bill is usually $33.90 ($30 plan with taxes) which I pay every month but this time it is $83.34 (taxes are $9.59). It doesn't say anything about going over my data plan since I have the messaging option that tells me when I am at 50% and 90%. I only received the 50% one this month leaving me with an extra 100mb of data. 

There is no information on what the extra costs are, the total is just listed beside "Mobile services". Could someone explain what the extra $43.75 is for?


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As this is a customer forum, we can't really offer more than an educated guess at what the charges might be. Data is usually listed separate from mobile devices, though, so it sounds like it's related to calling/texting. Were you near the border? It could be accidental roaming. Unfortunately you will need to call customer service for a definite answer though, since only they can see your billing information.
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Hey Amory!

You can see your bill details directly on your Self-Serve, in the Billing section. The breakthrough of your bill starts on page 3. For further assistance, you can reach us at *611 from your Koodo phone or at toll-free 1-866-995-6636. 

Many thanks!