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not receiving text messages

  • 12 January 2021
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Hello, I recently switched from Bell to Koodo, and transferred my phone number while making the switch. I waited the 48 hours, and it says that my transfer was complete, so I switched SIM cards to Koodo. Everything seemed to be working fine (it said I had Koodo service on my phone), until my friend asked me “have you received any of the texts I’ve sent you?” … I have not been receiving any text messages at all. I am able to receive phone calls, but I cannot send or receive any text messages. My phone plan allows for unlimited messaging, so idk why I wouldn’t be receiving any messages. I have an iPhone 11, and also am not able to add my phone number to iCloud because I cannot receive the verification code via text message. Very frustrating!! Please help!

2 replies

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I assumed you can make/receive calls with the newly transfered number? 

I would suggest you restart the phone. Then turn off imessage in settings then turn it on again. (settings » messages » imessage » off/on). It could take a while for the imessage to reactivate. 

Also, make sure you turn on the "send as sms” and “mms messaging” in the phone settings. 

Update: Wasn’t from port, which was successful, currently on hold with technical support.

Tried turning off and on my phone multiple times.