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Not getting text messages from security monitoring

not getting messages delivered by my home security monitoring company. This morning I got one at 8:39 AM and since then no messages however there were 2 text messages submitted one at 12:14 PM and other one at 1:38 PM

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Text messages are not a certainty, as they are a 'store & forward' technology, which means they can be delayed (or lost) for a number of reasons. In addition, the means your supplier uses to send the text can affect the process, as they are often using some form of email to text service.

If you have the ability to generate test text messages from your security monitoring service, you can check & see if the lack of delivery is repeatable.

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Hello Hitesh,

If the problems persists, I would recommend seeing with the security monitoring company if it's a problem on their end (what company is it). If the problem is not on their end, I would then see with Koodo.