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Not able to send n receive international text messages...


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I got an iPhone 6 .... Pls help
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What happens when you try to send one?
It says message sent...but not delivered on the other end..I don't receive their messages too
I was using an iPhone 4 n moved to iphone6 and also changed the service provider from FIdo to koodo
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Make sure that on iMessage in Send & Recieve it is your phone number and not your email that is set, otherwise just turn off the iMessage and send a sms see if it works.
Tried that ...not working
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Try going to your settings to set "Send as SMS" option and see if that will work. Maybe apple is having a problem with their cloud!!
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Do you have carrier/signal in Brazil?
Tried that too
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Do you have any signal though?
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Hello Arati,

Have you succeeded sending/receiving international texts? Also, is the carrier that you are trying to text and receive texts from on this list http://koo.do/TAUO5h?

Keep us posted!