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"No service" with new prepaid SIM

Got a new SIM and even after registering it just doesn't work. I have "no service". I know I'm in a covered area and so this is a Koodo problem... Maybe I'm supposed to use my old SIM?

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Hello, The old sim is an active koodo sim postpaid? The phone correctly work with the old sim? The phone is an iphone?
It is an iPhone, it should work with it, the teller even checked it. The old SIM was my previous number (Rogers)
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Hi Wesley... When you activated the Sim Card, did you choose to keep your old number with Rogers? Did you try already to power cycle your phone? (turn it off, remove sim card and then turn it on again), also, since you say that you opened the account already, when you log into your Self Service account, what is the status of your service, is it active? Let us know
Ok if it's an iphone, have you turn on the 3g? The iphone works on rogers on 2g, but koodo don't have gsm.
I chose to keep the same number and I was told that that would take about 2 hours, I did the setup yesterday and it still doesn't work. I've gone through power cycles several times. Not sure about the whole 3g thing but let me try.
Wesley McCloy wrote:

I chose to keep the same number and I was told that that would take about 2 hours, I did the setu...

Settings -> general -> cellular
Wow, it worked when I switched on my 3G... so I can't use my phone without 3G being on? well I'm going to have to live with the reduced battery life. Thanks guys
Glad it works for you As i said earlier, koodo dont have gsm/edge. You must have 3g turn on. You could switch off data but the iphone will work as long as 3G is on.
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Yes you will have to keep 3G on. It's totally different from 3G data usage, though, if that's what you're worrying about.