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No Service With An Unlocked iPhone 4

  • 2 April 2013
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Hi, I got a Koodo sim card earlier today for my iPhone 4 at the time it wasn't working for my phone in particular but for the iPhone 4 I bought locked to Koodo worked fine. My iPhone 4 is unlocked, the person helping me suggested I restore my phone to factory default and of course backing up my phone before doing so. After I did that I still have no service. I double checked if my phone was unlocked using the IMEI number and the results are unlocked. Any ideas? I'm pretty excited about finally being able to use data ahaha. *Edit* I was using ChatR before I got Koodo

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7 replies

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Where is the phone your trying to use locked to before you unlocked it? Rogers?
the phone is factory unlocked and I'm trying to use Koodo on it technically it should work but it doesn't for some reason.
The unlocked phone only detects Rogers in the network selection for some reason but the Koodo locked phone detects Koodo, Bell, and Rogers.
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Hi Brian, I'm not sure if iPhone has various versions, but it almost sounds to me as if you bought an "oversees" version... I once bought a cheap Alcatel phone in Europe and it turned out it only works with Rogers 2G towers as well... because it doesn't have the correct 3G bands for Canada. Could that be the issue with your iPhone as well?
After searching around a lot I found out I had to turn on 3G to pick up the signal I had it turned off before since my plan with ChatR had no data
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3G actually refers to the HSPA voice network in this case. Rogers is the only company in canada with a 2G (gsm) voice network.
Ohh thats why only rogers was picking up makes a lot of sense now, learned something new today.