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No Service when activated SIM card.

Hi, so I tried to activate my phone online with credit card, didn't work but works everywhere else. My friend went to buy vouchers for me and now i activated it, no problems at all it seemed. Except when I put the SIM card into my phone, first it said "No Service" then after a few seconds "Invalid SIM". Went on here to look for similar questions, found the answer "reboot" which I did. Now it ONLY says "No Service". My phone is an Iphone 4 and not locked, they said it should be fine in the store and I've used different SIMs before. Also I tried to call CS and they ask 5 dollars to even speak to me, ridiculous. 😞 Any solutions? Thanks

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Hi Karin, first, you won't be charged $5 to speak to a rep, that is only if you ask them to do something you can't do yourself in self service. That message is a bit misleading! Do you mean to say that you can dial 611 from your phone? But you still get a message "invalid SIM" and then "no service"?
Ok, then I understand. But thanks for getting back to me quickly, too. No calling CS was from my landline, but can try that when I get home!
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Yes, you can call them using your landline and they will be able to troubleshoot your prepaid SIM, Karin. No worries about being charged 🙂
Nope, call failed when trying 611 😞 But ye, thought so since 112 is the only you normally can with No Service : ) Will try calling them tomo from the landline, thanks.