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No Service til bill is sent

I could not get service for a long time. My nephew with the same phone looked at it and told me my provider was AT&T. It should be Koodo. I took it to Future Shop where I bought it and they told me to call Koodo because I had no service. Then this afternoon when I was trying to call Koodo I suddenly got service.....it was from Koodo.....sending my bill notification. Was I ever ticked!!!!! No service, AT&T service but then Koodo service when they decide to send my bill notice. Is there any help for me?

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I think it was just coincidence. Koodo can't selectively activate the network to only allow their number to come through. I'm guessing what happened was you were roaming on AT&T by going to the U.S or at least close to it (Windsor, Niagara Falls, etc.) and when you got back, it didn't switch back to Koodo right away. Or, you got this phone recently and a screen booted up that shows the AT&T logo, and it was unlocked, but it didn't register until later.
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Settings>Carrier Turn off automatic and manually select Koodo (this may take a few minutes, be patient)